Smoked Meat – Boom!

Now that I live in the South it seems like it’s mandatory to learn how to smoke some meat. My wife was hosting her girl friends for their monthly “Bitches, Booze and Bingo” extravaganza. Generally there is no bingo nor are the husbands allowed to be in the house. Since my lady is pregnant I told her I would cook for them.

I recently acquired a Weber electric smoker that was brand spankin’ new but literally about 10 years old. Like most of my culinary adventures I like to research the shit out of something so the end product will kick ass. During the course of my research I read that the key to good smoked meat is “slow and low.” Slow cooked, low heat. The problem is that this thing was running at 300-ish degrees in my dry runs when it really needed to be around 210-ish.

Anyways, problem solved…not sure if the newer models have this but there’s a large water bowl that really helps regulate the temp. In my first attempt at ribs I filled it with apple cider to help give it a little better flavor (?). I also used apple wood chunks instead of chips. Much better smoke from what I hear.

The Rub

I used a dry rub that I modified from a recipe I found one of Steve Raichlen’s books. It’s from a pitmaster up in Boston and since I’m a “Damn Yankee” from Boston, I gave it a try. I was missing the secret ingredient though. Dried Worcestershire power. Literally could only find one place that makes this stuff but it didn’t get here in time. No worries though because it still tasted damn good.

Smoked Ribs (2)

I prepped everything the night before. Pulled the membrane off…lot’s of debate about weather you should or should not do that but I decided to go ahead and take it off. I did the dry rub the night before as well, making sure to cover every square inch and pat it down nice and good.

Smoked Ribs (3)

Smoked Ribs (4)

Smoked Ribs (5)

Smoked Ribs (6)

Smoked Ribs (1)

The end product came out pretty good. The ladies didn’t complain once and pretty much cleaned me out. The bark look amaaazing. Looked like there was a good smoke ring too but what the shit do I know? People in these parts are bbq snobs so I have a long ways to go. I think I found a new hobby.

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