Pump Track Part 2 | We Got Dirt!

Project Pump Track is on bitches! Broke ground last week (finally) and received a few loads of dirt. Since it’s Fall and I’ve got a metric ton of leaves, before I start shoveling dirt this weekend I’ll be burning debris and leaves. The ground is fairly level but once I’m done burning I’ll be making sure the area is graded level and adding dirt where necessary.

Backyard Pumptrack - Panorama

Panorama of my blank canvas…it’s pretty much why I wanted to buy this house.


Since I’m building this based on the advice of Lee McCormack, author of Pump Track Nation I’ll be starting with the berms first. One berm will be a smaller, short radius berm while the other I plan on building into a monster. Since getting the Bobcat in and clearing brush and debris, I’ve come up with an idea that deviates from my original plan. I plan on building an alt-line off the monster berm that will gap into another berm that’s sunken into the ground by several feet. Should make for a fun, high G turn. Initially I was going to stick with a figure 8 design and have several alt lines off of the main oval. Now I’m leaning more towards this (From Pump Track Nation):

Backyard Pump Track Layout  - Adventures In My Head

It will be a dogleg type design but the berm will be a full radius with the optional line to gap into the dog leg. We’ll see how it goes when I actually start digging. I’ve tried to have a strict plan going into this but once I start building my 2 major berms, it’s really just a shitshow from there. I’ll be using Georgia Clay for this build and I’m really excited to see how I can form the dirt. Stoke meter is pegged!

Pumptrack Dirt

Cubic yards of Georgia red clay. Should be able to shape it pretty easy.

Backyard Pumptrack - Bobcat

Backyard Pumptrack - Trees

Definitely going to work the trees into my design.

Backyard Pumptrack - Dirt!

Say something, fool!