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So. Here I am. Less than 2 weeks away from competing in the 2013 Park City Point 2 Point race in Park City, Utah. It’s a place I called home for 10 years and I usually travel out there every Fall to visit friends and clients anyways so, I decided to take on this race and make it my bitch.

If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a fairly young race that doesn’t have the following like Leadville, but what’s great about it is that you actually ride single track and not that stupid double track shit they ride in Colorado. Park City is a hidden gem for mountain biking. When I tell people here in Georgia that I lived in Utah all they ask me about is the riding in Moab. Don’t know, never rode there (true story).

Back in 2012, IMBA named Park City the first Gold Level Ride Center…in the world! I was there in 2008 for the IMBA summit and people were stoked about the riding. Literally hundreds and hundreds of epic singletrack, 35 minutes from an international airport. And that’s all you ride during this race. Tasty Utah brown pow. For 70 miles and a metric shit-ton of climbing (14k feet). Check out the Skidmap course map…it’s awesome.

I meant to start this blog about 8 months ago and I wanted to journal my training as I prepare for this race. Well, 2 things didn’t happen. I just wrote my first post here yesterday and I definitely didn’t train like I wanted to. Did I mention I’m doing this on a singlespeed? Yeah, f*****g stupid. Dumb. Just dumb.

I ride a fair amount here in Georgia but my average ride is about 12 miles. My average ride when I lived in Park City was about 25 miles. I’d argue that 12 miles of riding here on the punchy, technical trails of Georgia is just as hard as 25 miles of long sustained climbs out west. That is until I traveled to Crested Butte this past summer with the wife and got my ass kicked on the double track climb up to the Snodgrass Trail on my 1×10. Son. Of. A. Bitch. If you’re familiar with that trail (it’s incredible) you probably know that climb sucks if you live at 1k feet above sea level.

My training, and don’t laugh at me you assholes, was actually doing the full Insanity program (I’ve done it 6 times now and every time it sucks). Yes, the same shit you see on tv at night with that ripped dude and a bunch of hotties in a high school gym. I will defend this (as you mock me) as being the best and fastest way to get ready for riding season. They close the trails around here in the winter if there’s a freeze/thaw cycle and since I hate spandex and road bikes, I do Insanity.


**As a side note, if you’re like me you probably thought Sean T was banging that Asian chic, Tonya. Turns out he likes dudes. Who knew?!

I also had a client give me a gigantic tractor tire that I flip up and down my driveway. And when I get the itch I beat the snot out of it with a sledgehammer (check out Tabatas…pretty awesome). My neighbors think I’m stupid. I’d say they’re spot on.

Anyways, this story will be continued as I get closer to the race…as if 12 days isn’t close enough. And let’s be honest, it’s called a race but I’m not racing anyone. That is fo’ sho’. It’s been raining here in Georgia for weeks and I’m way behind my on bike “training” so I’ve been forced to sweat my tits off to Sean T yelling at me in my garage.

Stay tuned…

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